Roof-mounted solar seasonal pool heater

Roof-mounted solar seasonal pool heater

Solar Pool Heating

Swimming pools offer a great opportunity for savings through solar because of the large amount of energy they consistently require to maintain temperature. Full Spectrum Solar has expertise in heating indoor and outdoor pools with solar, from large schools and summer camps to small residential pools.

How it Works

Whenever the pool requires heat and the solar collectors are warm enough, a valve and/or pump is powered to deliver heat from the solar collectors to the swimming pool water. The pool water is allowed to fluctuate a couple degrees and stores the heat during sunny periods of time, eliminating the need for a storage tank - the pool itself is the storage.

Full Spectrum Solar installs two main types of pool heating systems depending on whether the pool is an indoor (usually year-round) pool or an outdoor (seasonal) pool:
Seasonal Pool Heating
Image Courtesy Heliocol Corporation

Image Courtesy Heliocol Corporation

Because an outdoor pool normally operates between about May and September, freeze protection is not needed for seasonal pool heating and the pool water can be pumped directly through the collectors. Whenever the pool requires heat and the collectors are warm enough, pool water is circulated directly through the collectors. The collectors are made of polypropylene, which resists chlorine and salt water and is warranted against UV light degradation. Compared to other types of solar thermal systems, this type of system has a lower upfront cost, as the collectors and piping do not require expensive raw materials like copper. The collectors remain installed year-round, but the collectors and piping are drained in the fall along with the pool to prevent freezing.

A seasonal pool heating system is an ideal solution if costs to operate a conventional pool heater are getting out of hand, and it can also be a cost-effective way to improve the comfort of any pool that’s currently unheated.

Year-Round Pool Heating

Solar energy can be used to offset indoor pool heating costs year-round. These systems function similarly to domestic water heating and space heating systems. Whenever the pool requires heat and the collectors are warm enough, solar fluid is circulated between the collectors and a pool heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is installed after the pool's filter but before the backup heater. This type of pool heating can be done in conjunction with domestic water heating and space heating systems.

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