PWRcell with InverterSolar Energy Storage and Battery Backups

Adding a battery backup to your solar system provides flexibility, independence, and peace of mind. Full Spectrum Solar provides solar energy storage solutions for residential and commercial projects in southern Wisconsin, including Madison, Waukesha, and Milwaukee.

Peace of mind

With a battery backup system, solar energy collected on sunny days is stored for use on overcast days and at night. This stored energy can continue to power your home or business during outages and emergencies, increasing safety and comfort.

Energy independence

Solar battery storage systems allow solar panels to directly power your home or business during a grid outage or disruption. Solar systems without a battery backup are dependent on the grid for operation and will not supply electricity during a grid outage even on a sunny day.
PWRcell Connected to House with Solar Panels

Reduced energy costs

Depending on your utility’s rates, storing excess energy can be more cost effective than selling the excess energy back to your utility.


Full Spectrum Solar is a Generac Certified Clean Energy Installer and we also offer Enphase and SolarEdge battery backup systems.

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