Full Spectrum Solar designed and installed the solar electric system for this home in Eagle, WI.

Full Spectrum Solar installed a truly magnificent solar panel system exceeding my expectations. Many reasons contribute to this outcome; initially I selected the company because all necessary expertise was in-house unlike others that relied on innumerable subcontractors. The project manager and his staff were thoroughly competent: arrived on time, answered questions, installed panels, electrical meters and junction boxes appropriately blending into the landscape respectful of our property. They were conscientious about keeping the worksite clear of clutter and debris. The project manager spared me from the headache of dealing with town zoning ordinances and other public officials who were at times seemingly unenthusiastic about solar systems. In sum, I don’t believe there is a better company to be found.

– Frank N., homeowner

Eagle, WI 13.68 kW

The 13.68 kW system consists of 36 Silfab 380-watt solar panels and two SolarEdge inverters. One of the SolarEdge inverters has an integrated Level 2 smart electric vehicle charger which was added at a much lower cost than a standalone charger. The layout was designed to take advantage of the large roof area for maximum energy production. All-black solar panels were used due to their sleek appearance that blends effortlessly into the roof.

This system will continue to produce savings long after the homeowners’ initial investment has been recouped. The satisfied owners will save on energy bills for years to come while helping combat climate change.