Full Spectrum Solar designed and installed the solar electric system for this home in Mequon, WI. The system offsets 98% of the homeowners’ electric usage and is easily expandable with additional solar panels for future needs.

Mequon, WI 7.9 kW

This 7.9 kW solar pv system was installed for Mequon, WI homeowners who wanted to save money on their utility bills and do something good for the environment. This installation is particularly special because it was turned on with WE Energies on Earth Day 2022.

The system is designed to take advantage of the sunniest portions of the roof and work around roof obstructions. It is composed of 22 American-made Q Cells 360-watt solar panels and Enphase micro inverters, all of which are covered with a 25-year warranty. The design of the system allows the homeowners to easily add solar panels in the future should the owners get an electric vehicle.

The solar installation will offset 98% of the homeowners’ electric usage and they will save around $1,300 in the first year and more in the future as energy prices rise.