Full Spectrum Solar designed a layout to maximize the roof area (and electrical generation)  for this Middleton homeowner.

Middleton 8.2 kW

The homeowners wanted a photovoltaic system to cover as much of their energy use as possible. But they were concerned about how we could safely install a system on their steep roof, that is over a vaulted ceiling. They also wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any visible electrical equipment from their backyard deck.

To ensure our employees are safe, no matter how challenging the roof is, Full Spectrum Solar uses toe boards, OSHA-approved fall protection equipment, and bi-weekly safety training meetings.

We also have degreed engineers and experienced designers on staff, who can review nearly any roof structure, to ensure it has adequate capacity.

We carefully routed the conduit down the side of the house and then wrapped it around the house close to the ground and to the electrical meter in the back, so you can’t see the conduit from the deck.

The system uses high-efficiency Heliene modules, made in the U.S., and SolarEdge inverters and optimizers to minimize shading effects. We suggested a layout that includes modules installed in both portrait and landscape to maximize the roof areas, so the system we installed covers about 60% of their electric use.

The homeowners run a restaurant and told us they are glad to have lower electrical bills during this challenging time for their business!