Full Spectrum Solar designed and installed a 6.3 kW solar system on the unique inverted roof of this Pewaukee home. The homeowners now save over $1,000 per year on their electric bills.

Pewaukee 6.3 kW

This homeowner was building their dream lake home and wanted to include solar to help the environment and embrace new technologies. When builidng a home, it can be difficult for homeowners to know how large of a solar system to choose. We explained the utility’s rate structure and provided options for different-sized systems so the homeowner could make an educated decision. The homeowner opted for a 6.3 kW system that can be expanded if their electrical usage ends up being higher than estimated.

With a unique inverted roof, this solar installation ended up going on the north side of the house which is pitched south. When we designed and installed the system, we positioned the array on the roof northwards to be farther away from trees causing shade, but not too far where they are visible from the driveway.

At the time of the installation, the solar array was too shaded to qualify for the Focus on Energy incentive. Two trees that had caused a majority of the shading became unhealthy and needed to be taken down later in the calendar year. The homeowner reached out to us once the trees were down and we were then able to secure the Focus on Energy incentive for them.

With this solar installation, the homeowner saves over $1,000 per year on their electric bills. That’s a great way to lower the cost of living and enjoy the lake life!