Full Spectrum Solar designed a layout using all-black solar modules for these homeowners. The system covers about 90% of their electric use!

Waunakee 16.74 kW

The homeowners wanted to cover as much of their electricity as possible, but were concerned about what the appearance would be from their backyard swimming pool.

We recommended all-black modules and hardware, and offered several options with different layouts for them to compare. We made sure they had many examples of these specific modules appearance in our installations.

They chose the option with the largest electrical coverage! Because of the size of the system, we tied in at the electrical meter, instead of the more common electrical panel interconnection.

Full Spectrum Solar has engineers and master electricians on staff, which enables us to design code-compliant interconnections to just about any sized system. The installation uses high-efficiency Heliene modules, made in the U.S., and SolarEdge inverters and optimizers to cover about 90% of their electric use.

The homeowners are very pleased that their bills went from over $300 per month to not much more than the meter charge!