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Full Spectrum Solar is a family owned and operated business that has been proudly serving Wisconsin for 20-years. Founded by brothers and UW-Madison Mechanical Engineering alumni, Burke and Mark have always strived to create a company culture that believes that the ethics of good business practice and contributing to the wellness of nature come first. We pride ourselves for how little we focus on marketing and instead believing that through great work and trust, our customers become our greatest supporters as a local small business.

We are a small business with an environmental mission which supports our emphasis on communication, service, and community connections. 

Full Spectrum Solar Gold Medal for Best Solar Contractor in Madison

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Bob Olson
Bob Olson
Great job. On time and on budget. No issues or concerns.
Jennifer Fagan
Jennifer Fagan
We've had a great experience Full Spectrum Solar and the PV system that they installed 3 years ago. The staff were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional (and in our case, flexible). The work quality was excellent. The system has performed flawlessly and our production is very strong. I would highly recommend them for anyone that is considering installing a solar PV system.
Jennifer Owens
Jennifer Owens
Full Spectrum Solar does great work and has a knowledgeable and responsive staff. Highly recommend.
Bob Wolfe
Bob Wolfe
Great customer product support, installation, and followup
Jeff Henriques
Jeff Henriques
A great company with which to deal. We were kept informed throughout the process, from start to finish. We had a complete understanding of the work that was going to be done before the project started. The crews working inside and outside the house were professionals, who worked quickly and competently. Our project manager was fantastic and responded to our emails very quickly. We can't recommend them enough.
Daniel Siehr
Daniel Siehr
Full Spectrum Solar I have worked with Full Spectrum Solar since they installed my 12.4 KWh, 40 panel array in 2015, 9 years ago. Burke has been FANTASTIC to work with from the minute I met him at the Midwest Energy Fair that same year. Burke was low pressure and was just seriously interested in spreading the message about the many benefits; economic, environmental, and perhaps political, about rooftop solar. He was NEVER just out to make a buck. Burke and Full Spectrum have been honest, reputable, and sincere in all their dealings with me. For example, when I recently approached him in 2020 about helping me with an electric service upgrade from 200Amp to 400Amp service so I could add 2 EV car chargers, he gave me a bid, outlined what I had to do, and then told me I would be better off (less expensive), if I chose a different company with more experience doing this work. He could have done it and made some money, but chose to give me good advice on what to do instead. He also helped me work with the other company to educate them on what they needed to do differently to accommodate my rooftop PV system. His help and insight prevented more than one disaster with my service upgrade. As far as designing and installing the original PV system back in 2015. I wanted the largest system my roof could support. Burke cautioned me about building too large of system because of the way net metering works with MGE. If I built a system that produced more power than I used, my reimbursement from MGE would drop by about 80% or more and I would never see it pay for itself. If he just wanted to make money, he would have just built what I asked for. In the end I decided to go large anyway, but I had been warned, multiple times, NOT to do it. That demonstrates integrity; he makes less money to get his customer to do the right thing. It has worked out fine, I still use more power than I generate, and I have projected the system will pay for itself by the end of year 11 and I will have a decade or more of clean, “free” energy. Installing Solar on your roof isn’t just about wires, panels, and inverters; it is also about permits, working with the utility for the interconnection, applying for rebates, etc. Burke and Full Spectrum will guide you through the whole process, educate you, and make it simple from your end. Would I work with them again? Yes! I currently have bids for expanding my home array (electric cars use a lot of energy), and potentially adding solar to my rental properties. Do I recommend you work with them? Yes, you would be crazy not to at least give them a chance to bid on your project and see for yourself. I am not much for hyperbolic praise, (ask anyone that knows me) but as far as Burke and Full Spectrum Solar are concerned, I would give them 6 stars if I could. I am also a bit of a Geek when it comes to clean energy etc., so I have made a lot of changes in my home to use all this solar PV energy including a heat pump furnace and water heater as well as 2 EV chargers, charging 2 PHEV vehicles. So I will offer to anyone interested to contact me and come see the system that Full Spectrum built and listen to me talk about it ad-nausea. I can show you my payback data etc.
Great experience. They were able to accommodate a tricky ground mount install and move our project up sooner in their install schedule. Everyone on the team was professional and easy to work with and all questions were answered promptly. Highly recommend Full Spectrum Solar, Thank You!
Nicholas Schneider
Nicholas Schneider
Full Spectrum installed my roof top solar array in 2019. Their work quality was excellent and my experience with the project was very positive! Recently one solar panel stopped producing electricity. I contacted Full Spectrum and they remotely analyzed the problem, ordered the warranty covered optimizer and installed it for no cost to me! I couldn’t be happier with the communication and service provided by Full Spectrum. I always tell my friends who ask me who installed my system that Full Spectrum is the gold standard for solar installation. Nicholas Schneider
Janice Cittasubha Sheppard
Janice Cittasubha Sheppard
We went with Full Spectrum Solar after interviewing three other companies as well and getting good recommendations for FSS from two friends I trust. Full Spectrum Solar was great to work with, easy, reliable, helpful, polite, respectful, and responsive. We could always ask questions and feel confident in the accuracy and speed of their reply. I really like that they control all aspects of the installation and follow-up and that they have been here in Madison for more than 20 years. Their commitment is clearly to solar as an environmentally responsible thing to do rather than as a quick money-making business. Our contact, Ron Chester, was easy to work with, and I am confident he will be there to help as the system is active and we have questions in the coming years. We are completely satisfied with them and would definitely recommend them to others.
Our rooftop system components have been producing for over 5 years and not a single problem at all.

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At our core we are a team of environmental professionals who are active in our community. From Wisconsin Public Radio, to city council meetings, we are actively engaged in our community to help all facets of sustainable practices. We believe we are here to serve our community and have since earned over a dozen awards for green energy practices, independant of solar. 

Small, medium, or large, we have the professionals on staff to help you plan your solar project. With over 80 years of combined project management experience and over 1,000 installations, we can help you realize your green energy goals. 

At Full Spectrum Solar, we are stewards of solar energy first and foremost so if you had a system installed by another company that is no longer in business and you are in need of service, please contact us so we can assist you in keeping your solar energy system running at its best. 

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